Posted on February 2, 2013


The EMAIL form below is by far the easiest way to contact me to organize bookings, however I am happy to take phone calls wherever possible. (Bare in mind I can’t take calls when performing or running a workshop). Thanks. John Evans.

MOB: 0419 346 731 (Please leave comprehensive voicemail if I cannot pick up, thanks)

“Great. Good humour that the children enjoyed. Very suitable for the age group. The kids were thoroughly entertained. A WONDERFUL PRODUCTION – VERY PROFESSIONAL!It was a great way to start our unit on puppets. The students are very motivated to make their own puppets and theatre. The workshops were extremely well organised and the students were very proud of their final products. WELL WORTH THE MONEY! Fantastic, thanks for a wonderful experience. 10/10”

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John & Mr Bull


BRILLIANT, funny and entertaining! Children enjoyment was extremely high. A very organised, professional and entertaining show and workshop. I learned so much about organisation. Thanks a million! 10/10″