Posted on February 2, 2013

Comments from happy customers, added to regularly. The most recently received comments are placed at the top of the list, and older comments get  taken off the bottom. They are therefore a TRUE reflection of my most CURRENT work over recent months. Most are taken from our ‘evaluation sheets’ which are handed out at the end of each performance or workshop.

Latest feedback from happy customers added 21st March 2016.

Bentleigh West Drawings

Mel George, Wattletree Pre School. “Three Animal Stories”, 18th March 2016. “The children absolutely loved the show. They laughed and spoke about it all day. I had seen the performance a few times now and I still laughed. The performance was to a very high quality and John is great with the children. It lead to discussions on animals and sounds and was a great start for an educational discussion. 10/10

Faye Nardella, St Mary’s Primary School. “The Wizard’s Tale”, 10th March 2016. “Thanks John, the show was fantastic! The students were wrapped in it. After discussion with the other staff, we all agreed that the students were surprised by how much they enjoyed it and how they eagerly participated. It was very engaging and students imaginations were piqued. The explanation after the show really captured their enthusiasm and I know I will see some puppet theatres and puppets next week. Great value for money! Bravo! Well done”

Jo Bon, Mentone Park Primary School. Show + Workshops, 10th December 2015. Hi John, thanks you so much for today. There was so must positive talk throughout the school about the puppets and the show. You are brilliant at engaging the children. Also our parents looked very impressed when all the preps raced out this afternoon with their bags on their back and puppets in hand! Thanks so much again. We look forward to doing it all again in the future with our students.”

Briony Hart, Croydon Hills Primary School. Shows + Workshops, 27-30th July 2015. The children absolutely loved the puppet show. They were all engaged and raved about how funny it was. They loved the personal touches such as including them and the teachers. John was outstanding during the workshops, keeping them flowing and kids loved their puppets. John is always highly entertaining and professional! 10/10

Jenn Bowring, Blackburn Lake Primary School. “The Wizard’s Tale” + Workshops, September 2015. “All The students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed the puppet show. It was engaging for the audience with the different character voices as well as involving the audience to play a part in the puppet show. It was appropriate for the age level of the students and they found it hilarious! Both students and teachers found it incredibly interesting when you turned your puppet theatre around and showed us how it all worked from the different backgrounds to how you organise your puppet theatre with the puppets on hooks to how you fold it up to transfer your theatre to different venues. The students loved making their mini puppet theatres to take home. The puppet workshops were engaging and at an appropriate level for our students. It was very well organised and thought out so that students could make the best possible puppet in the time they had. John was very professional and did whatever he could to help each and every student make a puppet. The students really loved making their puppets and wrote a procedure about how they did it. 9/10

Isabella Lepore, St Jude’s Primary School. “The Wizard’s Tale” + Workshop, 21st October 2015. “The puppet show was excellent, the students were engaged throughout the performance. The students found the storyline very funny and laughed through the show. The students enjoyed listening to how the puppet theatre and puppets work and thoroughly loved making the puppets. Thanks a million John. 10/10

Samantha Hackney & Parvenu Kaur,  Sydenham Hillside Primary School. “The Wizard’s Tale” + Workshops, 7th & 8th September 2015. “Thank you so much for conducting a wonderful puppet show and fabulous interactive workshops for our Grade 3 students. All of the feedback I have received from my fellow colleagues is how much the students and teachers enjoyed it. There has been such a positive response that we have decided that we would like to book you again for next year…… The content was very appropriate and it was good to have the introduction to puppetry through a highly entertaining show. It also gave the children the opportunity to ask questions about the design of the puppets and how a show can be managed by one person only. The workshops were very well organised.  10/10

Mr Punch - funstuff/clientfeedbackLyn Yates, RACV CLUB Holiday Program. “Circus With Punch” 25h September 2015. “The Circus With Punch show was not only enjoyed by the children but the parents and grandparents. The children loved it because there was squirting water and just general fun with all of the characters. The parents and grandparents enjoyed it as well and they also said that it was great because it was interactive and the children stopped playing with their iPads and were interacting with the presenter. John the presenter was fantastic, very professional and we will definitely be using Don’t Move again. 10/10

Sue Salvatico, Brunswick North Primary School. “The Wizard’s Tale” + Workshops, Oct & Nov 2015. “The content of the show was appreciated by students and teachers alike. The fast pace, variety of characters and element of surprise had the children enthralled. It was the perfect addition to classroom activities already completed on the purpose of puppets, types of puppets and materials to make puppets from. We all absolutely loved the way John dismantled his puppet theatre and explained how it all works. John, we really appreciated your firm but friendly style during the workshops. You are extremely professional and we admired your level of preparation and packing up. Hope to see you again!!! 10/10

Jan Phelan & Sonia Davis, Jacks Avenue Kindergarten. “Three Animal Stories” 16th October 2015. John was extremely organised and professional at all times. His manner with the children was age appropriate as was the content of the show. The children (and staff) giggled and laughed through the entire performance. There were opportunities for interaction for those children who choose to. We are definitely booking John again for next year. Thanks, we look forward to seeing you again. 10/10

Cazz Duff, Parkdale Primary School. “Three Animal Stories” + Workshops, 11th June 2015. “All teachers and students loved the puppet show! We were constantly laughing! The show was very age appropriate, the stories were easy to follow and the children were engaged. John was very professional and controlled the group well while keeping a friendly manner. The children thought he was very funny! After the show we participated in the puppet making workshops. The workshops were well organised and the making process was simple for the kids to follow and resulted in some fabulous puppets! Thanks John, we had a ball! 10/10
Mary Papworth, St Thomas the Apostle Primary School. “Three Animal Stories”, 13th May
This is the second time have seen this performance and we loved every minute of it. John is a wonderful presenter and really engaging for the students. Thestudents laughed from start to finish and we would not hesitate to have him back again.  10/10

Tess Davern, Wallan Primary School. “The Wizard’s Tale” + Workshops, 30th April 2015. “The Content of the show was absolutely fantastic for the age group. We saw the same show last year but it was still extremely entertaining. The children were absolutely captivated from start to finish – not one child needed to go to the toilet or get a drink! I watched the children’s faces and they were so excited and involved in the whole performance. the quality of the performance was outstanding, lots of variety and changes to characters, scenery & voices. The workshop was wonderful and the children are thrilled with their puppets. We had a lot of fun looking at the website and playing with or puppets – the stories and conversations they made up were terrific. 10/10

John with George the lionMelissa Wheatley, Hughesdale Primary School. “Three Animal Stories” + Workshops, 22nd April 2015“I think the students enjoyed ‘all of it’ – as they just said. They particularly enjoyed the dog and the fish. I think the interaction with the group throughout the puppet show was fantastic and they loved the fish sneezing. The different voices and humour in the stories was appropriate to the foundation level as they were laughing throughout the whole show. The focus for our lesson was based on ‘toys’ as we are looking at the different ways toys move and different types of toys. This was very useful to the students’ learning by seeing different types of puppets, plus all the different movements of the actual puppet theatre. They absolutely loved making their own puppets which we can keep and use at school for a bit of time. Other teachers commented on the level of organization and how impressive it was to handle a large group of foundaion students creating puppets! Thank you for such a well organised day! 10/10

Leila Waters, Meadows Primary School. “Circus With Punch” + Workshops, 16th April 2015“Children enjoyed the puppet show, we received great feedback after the show. John was very entertaining and extremely organised.  The workshops were wonderful, very hands on and the students loved the variety of materials they could use. Thanks for a wonderful puppet experience!’ 10/10

Liz Szabo, St Thomas More Primary School. “The Wizard’s Tale” + W
orkshops 5th December 2014.  “The students were captivated from the moment the show started to the moment the workshop finished. It was a joy to see the students’ smiling faces and listen to their authentic laughter. The Wizard’s Tale was a perfect show as we were focusing on fairy tales this term. The students loved all the characters especially Poopy-Doo! The workshop was very well organized and all students ended up with a puppet that they had total ownership in creating. It was the perfect way to end our unit on designing and creating toys. John’s manner with the students was excellent and very professional. I would  recommend Don’t Move Puppet Theatre to anyone who wants an entertaining, value for money incursion for his or her school. 9.5/10highly

Daniella Slee, Eltham Primary School. “Three Animal Stories” 17th November 2014.  “The show was wonderful, engaging and set at the right level for our audience. The children enjoyed meeting all the different puppets at the end and learning how John operates his puppet show. We also love seeing John each year and the amount of enthusiasm he has for his job and entertaining the children is fantastic! The teachers always enjoy the shows too! We ALL had such a wonderful time at your show yesterday John! Thank you! 10/10

Hollie Morgan, Kennington Primary School. “The Wizard’s Tale” + Workshops 13th November 2014.  “John was very engaging and used vocal and jokes appropriate for grade one children. We liked how he touched on the elements of a fairy tale. John Managed the children well and was very organised. John was really available via email to answer questions prior to the performance. 10/10

Various teachers, Our Lady of the Pines Primary School. “The Wizard’s Tale” + Workshops 5th November 2014.
  “The puppet show was really relevant and engaging and appropriate for our Prep – Grade one level. John, the Puppeteer, absolutely engaged the students and made the whole experience enjoyable. As we are doing a fairytale unit for Inquiry this term, both the puppet show and workshop linked well and gave the students ideas for their own puppet and puppet theatre making. 10/10

Karen Jeffrey, Morang South Primary School. “Circus with Punch” + Workshops 29th & 30th October 2014.
  Performance was great. Students were very engaged for the whole time including share time session at the end which was very informative and appropriate for the age of the students. Good amount of time where students were able to interact and be vocal. Good behaviour management skills combined with a sense of humour particularly for the puppet making workshops. Everything was well planned and organised leaving nothing to chance. We have already used our puppets for script writing, performing and an instructional writing ICT document using publisher. Our grade 6 buddies were very impressed when they saw the puppets that we had made. 10/10

Elizabeth Grieve, St Anne’s Primary School. “The Wizard’s Tale” + Workshops 15th October 2014The teachers and children found the whole day both enjoyable and entertaining. The show hit the mark for us on a number of levels. Jokes were tailored to the audience, the content was appropriate for the age, the range of puppets showed children what they could do with their voices, and the behind the scenes look at the theatre gave children good insight into the planning and organisation required to make a show go smoothly. All these things have proved a wonderful start to our Term 4 inquiry unit (Design and innovation) which will focus on making puppets and writing and performing plays; The following day we had a wet weather programme at lunch time and 2 groups of students independently started making puppet theatres (hooks and all). The workshops were well run and the children were excited to walk away with their own puppet which they can now incorporate into their own play. John was good with the children and controlled them well while being funny at the same time. They can’t stop talking about it. The website and links to the curriculum were also well regarded by us when doing our research prior.  10/10

Melanie Phillips, Balnarring Primary School. “The Wizard’s Tale” + Workshops 6th & 7th October 2014Thanks John for the most amazing school visit I think I’ve participated in. The kids have been referring to it all week and parents have said how much their children have been talking to them about it when usually they get ‘yeah, school’s okay!’   We used the show and workshops as a way to engage the students in our unit on puppets. The show was humorous, interactive and a good length. Seeing the workings of the theatre had the children in awe and was a great bonus we didn’t know we’d get! The workshops flew by – so busy and jam packed. All the kids were 100% engaged in their design and puppet making. They were well co-ordinated to make the most of the time. Children gained skills and knowledge in using the materials and construction that they could then use in the rest of our puppet making unit. Thanks John – have passed your details on to many interested parties, see you again in two years. We had a great experience! 10/10